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Country: Philippines
City: Zamboanga City
    Peace is a way of being and a way of living. The Celebration of the World Interfaith Harmony Week has been always promoting peace and harmony for the common good. This activity of the youth is not only to train them to lead but also to learn interreligious dialogue. It is the time to activate the youth of the world. This kind of activity really helps the millennial to be recognizing not only on academics but also to acquire the proper values to have a harmonious society. To educate and enlighten the youths about social services and also promote goodness in the community, to reconnect people with a common goal, which is to build a better community. The opportunity to have a space for the youth, in the spirit of World Interfaith Harmony Week, is good but it must be done more often. To teach the youth the essence of acceptance, tolerance, interreligious dialogue and love for humanity is very essential. Advocating dialogue with the youth can develop their ideals and hopefully one day, the youth can change the world for the common good.