Interfaith Harmony week

In by Arshad Munir



Country: Pakistan
City: Punjab
  • Organizer

    Prof. Dr. Arshad munir

  • Location

    Department of Islamic studies Ghazi university DGKHAN

  • Email

    [email protected]

Department of Islamic studies, Ghazi university DGKHAN, Punjab, Pakistan is going to celebrate world interfaith harmony week from 2-4 February, 2022. People from various religions will participate in following events during celebration. 1. Pre-event Harmony tour to Nankana sahib( birth place of Baba Guru Nanak) on 30-01-2022. 2. Exhibition/ Display about famous world religions on 02-02-2022. 3. Peace walk & Talk on 02-02-2022 &03-02-2022. 4. Seminar and sweet prayer on 04-02-2022.