Interfaith Harmony & Peace Event / Christmas Celebration 15-12-2018

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2019-01-19 12:00 AM

Country: Pakistan
City: Lahore


Minority Coverage Foundation (M.C.F) Promoting love and therefore organizing the Peace & Interfaith Harmony & Christmas Cake Ceremony. M.C.F. could reduce the distance among the communities and could bring the different communities closer to each other on one platform. M.C.F is working to uplift the under-privileged and marginalized communities through this kind of events and training for the people of our beloved country without discrimination of color, caste, creed or religion. For the peace and prosperity of our beloved country, we are also promoting interfaith harmony activities by the generous donations of God fearing people of Pakistan. Mr. Jean-François Cautain Ambassador of the European Union to Pakistan join us as a Chief Guest of this event.