Interfaith Harmony Goodwill Peace Tour in Asia

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2019-01-19 6:00 AM

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Country: Sri Lanka
City: Moratuwa
    SUNFO has established "Sustainable Development Goals Youth Network of Sri Lanka. named as SDGYNSL. During the Interfaith Harmony Whole period SUNFO- SDGYNSL National Convener for SDG goal No 16 (Peace & Justice) Samaptha Darshana Lakshan is conducting a Goodwill Peace Tour by meeting various religious teams and visiting religious places in Asia. selected countries are India, Nepal, Bhuthan,Bangladesh &Burma.during the whole months of January-March, 2019. He left Sri Lanka on Dec 27 to India andwill back in end March.. This Mission Covers whole period of IFHW Campaign from January 19-March 3.