Inter-religion and Harmony

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2020-01-25 4:56 PM

Country: Brazil
City: Araçatuba
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    URI Multiple Cooperation Circle: Brasil URI MCC (URI Brazil, a collection of multiple Cooperation Circles in Brazil)

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URI Brazil organized and participated in 14 events which reached more than 3.000 people in the country regarding inter-religious harmony. In reality, Brazil begins the work before the first week of February because the 21st of January is, among the Religions' Day, the National Day Against Religious Intolerance. This year, we began activities on the 11th of January and finished on the 21st of February. We held events in 10 cities: Araçatuba, Brasília, Campina Grande, Campinas, Curitiba, Goiânia, Rio Branco, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, and São Paulo. In Brasília emerged the idea of creating the 'Decade for Religions Harmony', because of the beginning of a new calendar decade. In Goiânia we have also radio programs regularly and the subject of the program in February was WIHW. The estimated 3,000+ people who participated in the events doesn't represent the audience who tuned in through the radio. At the moment, Brazil is facing a massive wave of intolerance. The Harmony Week is an opportunity to show how important it is to respect and love the different traditions. This way, we get more empowerment to fight for the maintenance of the laic state (a state with no one religion).