Imbolc, In Milk: Please trade your’s for milk alternative day

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Country: United Kingdom
City: UK
    This Imbolc as part of WIHW Interfaith Month, I'd like to suggest buying a milky alternative, even just for the day. Imbolc, 'In Milk', 'In the Belly' or 'Ewe's Milk', is named as ewe's traditionally lambed at this time and could not produce milk. It is an ancient Celtic festival which takes place on February 1st (though the 2nd is also celebrated). As a mark spring will come again, taking a latte soy can be just as tasty as semi skimmed, or an almond milkshake, blended with fruit, cashews or cocoa powder. Even a slight change for the day still makes a difference. I'd like to ask all of my friends to consider. Happy World Interfaith Harmony Month and Imbolc!