How to achieve Interfaith World Peace in 21 years email and Facebook campaign

In by Montessori4WorldPeace


2020-01-27 9:00 AM

Internet email and Facebook campaign

Country: United States
City: Massachusetts

I am sending emails and Facebook messages to interfaith groups.   In the email I share a practical path to achieving interfaith world peace in 21 years.     

People in all religions love god and wan to live in peace.   Montessori is a way to unite those religions and grow peace from the ground up from birth through adolescence without changing their religious practice.  

Catholic Charities in Brooklyn and Queens pays for Montessori teacher training. And there are a ton more Catholic Montessori teacher trainer centers. There is a Jewish Montessori Society. There is an Islamic Montessori School in Dallas, TX. There is a public Montessori initiative on the American Montessori Society website. And there are Protestant Montessori teacher training centers like Bethany Global University.

I see Montessori as a spiritual seat belt, a spiritual hand-washing, a vaccine against the madness in mankind in each and every religion and against religious division. I see Montessori as a Rotary Club humanitarian project like eliminating polio.  

 If all religions adopted Montessori, as their common denominator, in 21 years interfaith world peace would exist. And there is $1 billion in funding from Jeff Bezos to help get this concept off the ground. 


With your voice, your participation, in 21 years I believe world interfaith peace can be a reality.