First Interactions

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2019-01-30 All Day

Country: Nigeria
City: Kaduna

(234) 08062214314

My WIHW is youth interactions in my community. We know that every where in Africa youth are the ones been used to instigate and intimidate people during a minor misunderstanding so as to start a religious fight which escalate like wild fire. Social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp are used to spread misinformations to trigger emotions and before you know it the whole town is spilling blood from both sides of Muslims and Christians. Nigeria is continue to see these senseless killings as long as the youth are unemployed. What did to gather a lot of people to come to our event is we collaborated with state government to help us mobilise youth to come to the event because at this time of the year new jobs are advertised and they made it a condition for application, so we had hundreds of people that show up for the event.