Firenze Comunità In Cammino – incontrarsi, conoscersi e accogliersi

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Piazza della Signoria

Country: Italy
"Florence Communities Walking Together - to meet, to know and to welcome each other" is an event promoted by the Municipality of Florence together with many different religious, faith, and belief groups which are active in the city's life. We will walk from the Church of San Miniato - held dear by the former mayor Giorgio La Pira - to Palazzo Vecchio - the town hall. Under the banner of meeting, knowing and welcoming each other and surrounded by the unique mesmerising beauty of the city of Florence, those who take part in the walk will have the opportunity to stop at various historic places. Each faith group will welcome the participants to their place of worship, however it will be another faith group that will read from their sacred scriptures whilst another faith group will perform a song. The 22 religious, faith, and belief groups organising the event together with the Municipality of Florence are: Bahá'i - Baptists - Catholic Action - Community of Sant'Egidio - Christian Science - Evangelical Lutheran Church - Franciscan Youth - Focolare Movement - Hare Krishna - Interreligious Meditation Community - Jewish Community - Mormons - Native American Group and Indigenous People of the Earth - Satsang Amma - Seventh-day Adventists - Soka Gakkai Buddhism - Tibetan Buddhism - The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity - Un Tempio per la Pace - Waldensian Evangelical Church - Young Muslims - Zen Buddhism