Experiencing the Peace Process – interfaith exchange visit & talk series

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Country: Pakistan
City: Lahore
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    Youth Development Foundation

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    98-H , Model town Lahore

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    [email protected]

Talking about interfaith harmony, inviting religious leaders and target audience at a neutral venue , organize a seminar, forum, or group discussion might have their own impact, but how great it would be to visit the religious places in person , meet the stationed religious/faith leader and talk about the commonalities. Promoting the practice to respect and accept each other’s faith and worship places, YDF is organizing an Interfaith Dialogue at the premises of the worship place where one can experience, visit and clarify the ambiguities that draws differences and find the commonalities in the journey. YDF will be taking a group of young individuals of diverse faith & gender, and will take them to a Hindu worship Place, a Sikh worship Place, a Muslim Worship Place and a Christian worship place. Acceptance is the first and most concrete step of forming harmony among religions/faiths. Pakistan has suffered in recent times with acts of hostility for worship places of religiously marginalized groups. This In Person experience would be one of its kind , and first ever experience for almost every one as worship places of religiously marginalized groups are deemed to be discrete and not open for everyone. The participants will also get to know about the religious, cultural and historical aspects of every religion and each worship place to establish common grounds for coexistence with commonalities.