Documentary Movie

In by Bashir Nuckchady


2021-01-25 12:00 AM

Country: Mauritius
City: Port Louis

+ (230) 2103531

  • Organizer

    Council of Religions

  • Location

    G 15, St James Court, St Denis Street Port-Louis Mauritius

  • Email

    [email protected]

The Council of Religions (CoR) has embarked on a project to produce a documentary movie, entitled ‘Religions in Mauritius,’ with the aim (i) to spark dialogue and encourage relationships based on mutual respect and understanding and (ii) to strengthen interfaith relationships through building relationships with the various existing communities in our paradise-like island.


The movie will help individuals to acknowledge people of different values, practices, and rituals of worships. It will emphasize on all the cultural and spiritual commonalities between different communities, and contributes to the acceptance of the “other” by the broader community. 

Furthermore, this movie will be a tool to enable potentially reluctant individuals to engage in this move, for it simultaneously acts on emotions, senses and rationality. It will vividly portray the experience of different communities, and pushes the audience to identify with it and initiates an inner dialogue on the importance of coexistence.

CoR considers that this kind of initiative is a great method to break the ice between people of different religious communities.

It has been the goal of CoR, since its inception to highlight religious diversity in Mauritius as a positive vector of social construction.