Cross-cultural Women Encounter on Understanding Symbols in Religions

In by 1000 Women in Religion


2019-02-23 9:27 PM - 5:00 PM

Country: Denmark
City: Kolding
  • Organizer

    Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

  • Location


Women of different nationalities and religions meet in their regular women's meetings every last Saturday in a month. To partly mark the InterFaith Harmony Week, the committee of Women Encounter has decided to set aside the last Saturday in February as an afternoon for women to do something creative and at the same time  understand symbols in religions. Women will  be supplied with materials: canvas painting brushes and acryl paints. There will be presentation of the meaning of certain religious symbols of every religion being represented in the gathering, and time to paint the symbol  one has chosen... All paintings will be exhibited  and each one will present to the group the personal and global  meaning behind the symbol one has chosen...