Creighton University Interfaith Prayer Service

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Country: United States
City: Omaha, Nebraska
A group of ten students belonging to Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu, and Apache Native spiritual and faith traditions worked with staff members from the Campus Ministry office to plan and lead the sixth annual university-wide Interfaith Prayer Service on the theme of Reconciliation: Healing, Justice, and Harmony for 250+ attendees. This service is an annual celebration of the diversity of our campus community. Students welcomed the community into this time of prayer through various calls to prayer including the Adhan from Islam and a sage ceremony from the Apache Native tradition. The students than shared a communal prayer written from their own reflections on what a world of reconciliation, healing, justice and harmony looks like for each of them. They then led readings, songs, and meditations from their various traditions before inviting the community gathered to participate in the Ceremony of Light. By the end of the service, our space was filled with the light of candles held by each person gathered as a symbol of the light each of us brings to our university community.