Creating Concentric Circles for Peace(C3P)

In by Gerardette Philips


Starts in 14 Days, 13 Hours

February 1, 2019 12:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Meeting Hall

City: Jawa Barat/Bandung
  • Organizer

    Gerardette Philips, rscj

  • Location

    Jalan Ambon No 25, Bandung Indonesia

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The Concentric Circles for Peace consists of events from 2019-02-01 to 2019-02-8. A joint effort of a Catholic University, The State Islamic University, Muslim and Catholic Student Body of West Jawa, Sant Egidio Community , Bandung and the Sisters of the Society of the Sacred Heart - Indonesia. The events will begin with - inviting people (who serve us everyday - the security guards, street vendors, garbage collectors and cleaning service staff, teaching and clerical staff) from all religions to have an evening of being together - sharing stories and interacting with each other. - lecture for students of different faiths on Peace and Harmony: The need for our World Today - Character education and Peace Building for elementary Teachers of Religion from Muslim and Christian schools to help their children understand each other and grow in tolerance. The participants of the programs above will share with the people they live and work with, thus creating a ripple effect and reaching out in Concentric Circles creating peace that will go far and wide. Hence the name of the event CREATING CONCENTRIC CIRCLES FOR PEACE (C3P)