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2019-03-01 2:00 PM

Country: Morocco


The idea is to offer on Friday, March 1, a "couscous of harmony" to my neighbors of all faiths to promote the living together and the values of tolerance. For Muslims, Friday is a day of prayer, meditation, sharing. It is no coincidence that I choose this date to donate a "couscous of harmony" to my neighbors of all faiths to promote living together in harmony. This initiative aims to reconnect with the tradition of shared value inherited from our religion, our culture, our traditions, wherever we live, in Morocco, Malaysia, the United States, Jordan, Switzerland or Pakistan. It also aims to cope with the risk of confusion, racism, suspicion, rejection of the Other and hatred, as well as all that makes it difficult to live together. This convivial and shared meal between persons of different faiths will give life to the fraternity, to our Humanity, to say that in spite of our differences we remain united. Every grain of semolina will be considered like so many grains of brotherhood and harmony.