Committee Interfaith Dialogue and Fellowship

In by zeinab


2020-01-26 5:13 AM - 5:30 PM

Country: Sri Lanka
  • Organizer

    SUNFO &  Lions members

  • Location

    Host home of  Mr.Meril Silva, St.Peter’s Road,Moratuwa

  • Email

    [email protected]

After the inaugural service project of world interfaith harmony week, our team members consisting of 22 gathered for committee dialogue and fellowship at the invited host home of  Mr.Meril Silva, St.Peter’s Road,Moratuwa on 26 Jan from 2.00 PM-5.30PM. Our organizing team was  included   SUNFO &  Lions members.

We discussed the fruitful outputs of inaugural service project as well as planning on furthering events up to 7th of Feb for WIFHW. Also, we discussed about the realistic values and the importance of WIFHW to be carried out in Sri Lanka specially focused to overcome the challenges, obstacles and setbacks arouse aftermath of Easter attack