Circle of Meditations and Prayers for the World Interfaith Harmony Week

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Country: Brazil
City: Salvador, Bahia, Brazil


The URI - United Religions Initiative - Cooperation Circle UNISOES - Union of Spiritualist, Philosophical, Scientific and Religious Societies and the House of United Religions join the initiatives of all URI Cooperation Circles to celebrate the World Interfaith Harmony Week, event of the calendar of the United Nations for the period from 1 to 7 of February 2019. In order to express our indignation at the conduct of religious intolerance that has motivated attacks on African-Brazilian temples and their practitioners in Bahia and in different places in Brazil, the leaders and representatives of different traditions that make up the UNISOES CC and the HUR have chosen to celebrate World Interfaith Harmony Week in a Umbandist Center, exactly on February 2, the day when African-born religions dedicate to Iemanjá, divinity revered as "goddess of salt water".