Celebrating Diversity and Sharing Traditions for World Interfaith Harmony Week

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2019-02-01 12:00 AM

Country: Guatemala
City: Champel
The global Play for Peace community celebrated its diversity for World Interfaith Harmony Week. During World Interfaith Harmony Week, our Play for Peace clubs organized special activities around inter-religious dialogue and cooperation. To demonstrate intercultural and inter-religious dialogue and understanding, community members shared prayers, songs, and peace messages in their native languages. Some of our Play for Peace clubs operate in communities with high levels of tension between different religious groups, working to create opportunities for children and community members to overcome their differences and create friendships. Since the first step toward overcoming tension and engaging in peaceful dialogue is understanding each other’s point of view with an open and respectful mind, our groups often share their own rituals, prayers, and messages as a way to better understand each other. Watch as young Play for Peace community members share their peace messages and prayers for World Interfaith Harmony Week—you’ll be inspired by their hopes and their courage. https://vimeo.com/316128816 At Play for Peace, we work year round to create friendships across cultural, religious, and ethnic divides. While we are not a religious organization, we celebrate and support World Interfaith Harmony Week with our partners, because we cherish the religious diversity that exists within the Play for Peace community. Many of our trainers, mentors, and youth leaders draw strength from their spiritual beliefs during their engagement in peace building activities. As peace builders, we recognize that conflict often exists between different religious groups. Through Play for Peace methods, youth leaders around the world can bring together children from different religious backgrounds and create safe spaces for them to learn about each other, find commonalities, and appreciate their differences. Activities by Location: Country Club Name Activity Description India Hyderbad PFP Club Heritage Walk- Sharing the history of Dargah during sufi walk. The participants got opportunity to experience a bygone era, complete with a tour with interludes for meditation and prayers and locally famous foods during the walk India Jagran club Practice Peace session for community children India Karol bagh club Practice Peace session for community children India FEEL Club Practice Peace session for community women India PFP Mumbai World Cancer Day been celebrated with palliative care Cancer stage 3 patients playing cooperative play, moment and free dance! India Disciples of Peace Practice Peace session for community children India Khula Aasman club Club conducted a cultural gathering and sharing songs and prayers after conducting Practice Peace Session. Vietnam A New Day Practice Peace session for community children Nepal Nepal Friendship Society Meditation for Peace conducted with the schools children in Chitwan Nepal GPYC Club Practice Peace session for community children Guatemala Play for peace cantel Cooperative play session along with the prayers for Peace- Giving to the point, the temptation of swords, stone paper or scissors, back with back, the islands, and the window. Guatemala Play for Peace Champel A walk to the hill with the club members and children Guatemala Andres (Saulo César Cifuentes) Club celebrate the world week of interfaith harmony with games, reflection songs, Shared about creating spaes for peace stories, the social, political, cultural and economic factors that do not contribute to the construction of peace. Some young people choose a specific theme by which they made prayer, among them they asked for the cessation of war in the world, for young people in prison, for the sick, for young people who have no employment, by the authorities. Mexico Mexico PFP Club Practice Peace session for community children Pakistan Starfish Pakistan Practice Peace session for community children Sri Lanka Practice Peace session for community children Play for Peace website: www.playforpeace.org