Building as One: An Interfaith Dialogue Event & Initiative Surrounding Affordable Housing in Celebration of the 2022 UN’s World Interfaith Harmony Week

In by Henry



Country: United States
City: Colorado Springs, CO
  • Organizer

    Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity in association with the Pikes Peak Interfaith Coalition

  • Location

    Jenkins Middle School

  • Email

    [email protected]

In recognition and celebration of the 2022 UNs' World Interfaith Harmony Week, the Faith Relations Committee of Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity--a diverse group of individuals from a variety of different faith backgrounds, belief systems, and spiritual practices who unite to build affordable homes for El Paso County families through the Interfaith Build for Unity Project--created the "Building as One" Initiative. From Feb 1st- Feb 7th, daily “Building as One” events and activities planned during this week can be accessed via Pikes Peak Habitat For Humanity’s new interactive webpage which will provide opportunities for individuals to learn more about the initiative, read some prayers from different faith traditions & belief systems, find interfaith resources, and learn some tangible ways to engage with interfaith work locally. Additionally, on Sunday Feb 6th, Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity & the Pikes Peak Interfaith Coalition are coming together to put on an interactive, interfaith dialogue event for faith leaders and individuals throughout El Paso County. During the event, attendees will be able to learn more about this important global initiative, hear about the state of affordable housing here in El Paso County, have an opportunity to participate in a unique interfaith dialogue experience surrounding the topic of housing affordability with individuals from diverse backgrounds, faith traditions, and spiritual practices, and learn about a tangible way to support interfaith work here in El Paso County.