Brunch Fellowship

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2019-01-20 7:33 AM

Copenhagen, Denmark

Kolding Deanery

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Kolding Deanery

Country: Denmark
City: Copenhagen
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    Cross Cultural Ministry of Kolding Deanery

January 20, 2019 12:00 AM Country: Denmark City: Simon Peters Church, Kolding, Denmark Coming together as people of different nationalities and faiths to eat together and to hear a presentation of one sharing one's country of origin, culture and faith. People come with food they prepare home to be placed in a common table for International Buffet. This allows each one to share and have a taste of food from other cultures. There is time for singing international songs, time for informal talks around tables,time to listen to a presentation and time to ask questions, time to build up bridges of friendship and understanding. This is open to all who are interested. Breaking fear of strangers is meeting them around dining tables of trust. The Brunch fellowship on January 20 was meant to be the opening event in celebration of FNs Inter-Faith Harmony Week. People came with food and instead of usually having one person to present his/her country of origin, there were four invited persons representing 4 religions: Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, and Hinduism. Their task was to share about their daily life praxis as adherents to the religions they profess. The following were the speakers: Mohammed Abdulahi, a Muslim; Arminder Singh Jassal, a Sikh; Karen Oxlund, a Christian; and Rekha, a Hindu. There were some differences as being affirmed but their were common tenets being shared: the common search to be connected to God and to higher purpose, the use of prayers and the act of service for the suffering humanity. The fellowship gave time to more personal talks and continuing friendly discussions on the tables.