Breakfast event under the slogan of together for a bright future

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Mary yousif Church


Country: Iraq
City: Kurdistan Region / Sulaymaniyah
    Dialogue and Culture Organization under the slogan of “together for a bright future” is organizing an event for the “World Interfaith Harmony Week” On Wednesday, February 6,2019 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. The event this year is being hosted by (Mary Yousef Church) in City of culture (Sulaimaniyah / Iraq) We have come to certainty that our diversity is our richness and with this vision we think that love, respect, dialogue and solidarity between different religions, languages, ethnicity, fractions and respecting human rights are only possible through respecting each other as they are. For this reason, DCO is inviting 7 different religious leaders (Muslims, Christians, Jews, Baha’i, kakai, zardashti, yazidi) which are all living in the same city, On behalf of their communities to show that we are all belong to one human family and We realize that our similarities are more profound than our differences. The aim behind this Event is to demonstrate the power of living together in harmony, peace and accepting each other.