`Alemi Hafta e Mazhabi Ham Ahangi`A TV program on Roze News Channel Islamabad Pakistan byAllama Dr G R ChishtiChairman UIPM and Anchor Program Rose Roshan evry Friday

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2019-02-01 7:10 AM - 7:55 AM

Country: Pakistan
City: Islamabad City
    The program name is Urdu the National Language of Pakistan means World Interfaith Harmony Week , Allama Dr G R Chishti Chairman Universal Interfaith Peace Mission and Anchor Roze News Channel Islmabad Pakistan will present as how the WIHW came into existence and how the father of it Hashemite Kingdom is promoting its message globally and what role played by the two historic Interfaith Unanimous Documents ie A Common Word Between Us and You and Amman message. and how it help not to let the clock turn back to Holocaust again and make permanent peace in Palestine the discussion will prove the WIHW is real cure and antidote to all kind of poisons based on religious conflicts.