A Harmony Peaceful world with Minecraft

In by Eman Mohamed Youssef



Country: Egypt
City: Assiut
We as a team liked to introduce a creative virtual world to serve humanity from any pandemic can be spread with infection if they meet together face to face or in overcrowded places. Our harmony peaceful world as a robot help human being to achieve their projects and do their needs whether their business near them or far away . We created a Minecraft character is a similar to a Robot that can be a friend to all human being and as a friendly helper we need every moment in our daily life. So, Our New idea is to set a virtual world with an electronic game which is similar to a Robot which help man to build a peaceful world. Inside this world will you meet lots of people from all the world who come to celebrate the world interfaith Harmony Week in a large hall . Some of them like the idea to build together an electric circuit for land irrigation , other team of people agree to create a farm for animals to raise them and other created poultry house and others planted lots of trees to create a safe environment and fresh air with oxygen to protect human being from any diseases . We invited lots of participants in the globe to share our virtual projects online , where our project will starts from 4 :6 the February and for three days includes Friday, Saturday and Sunday . We hope the idea will admire all of you.