सांझा चूल्हा/Sanjha Chulha

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2021-01-26 7:43 PM

Country: India
  • Organizer

    Cooperation Circle: Chahat Charitable Trust

  • Location

    Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, India

Chahat Charitable Trust WIHW2021.jpeg   We at Chahat NGO Cooperation Circle believe that kids are the future of our nation. Every kid deserves a good education, food and other basic amenities, regardless of their caste, creed, gender or religion. We have been continuously working for the same cause for many years. On 26-01-2021, we organized a Langar meal for all the underprivileged people we are associated with. The event was called (सांझा चूल्हा/Sanjha Chulha) as it was all about togetherness. Since it was mainly about what makes them happy, we decided to ask them what they wanted to eat. And obviously they were all really happy and excited to see the food of their choice. Because we are amidst the pandemic, we took proper care of sanitation and maintained social distancing. About 125 people participated. It was a day full of joy and cheerful laughs. This was one of the many events that we keep on organizing to strengthen the base of our society; our kids! If we empower them, we empower our country. We hope to keep doing our bit for society for as long as we can