2 days interfaith dialogue between muslim and christian in Gwoza, Borno State- Nigeria

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2019-01-22 5:08 AM

2120 Academy Circle, Suite B

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Organized By

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at

Country: Nigeria

    Gwoza community are suffering from the psychological trauma they were subjected to as a result of the abduction of their female children from their secondary school two years ago and all efforts to rescue them have not yielded the desired result as only two were so far said to have been rescued. This ugly circumstance has inflicted injury in the minds of members of the community to the extent that they lost confidence in the political will by the government to rescue the girls. This scenario may lead to sour relationship between the Muslim and Christian inhabitants of the town and will eventually spillover to the neighboring community the result of which is reprisal action from either of the two parties that feel worst hit. The activity will further restore hThe activity is a   follow up to the peace Rally and dialogue the association was supported to organize in Maiduguri in July 2016 which has been proven to be successful and has the tendency to make the desired impact. some Christian parents whose children were abducted by Boko Haram two years ago, see their Muslim neighbors as those behind the kidnap of their daughters in spite of the fact that they were living peacefully and are in some cases blood relations, and that was what the Boko Haram members wanted to achieve by kidnapping the girls so that they will instigate one party against the other to ignite religious conflict them. Gwoza being a community with inhabitants cutting across the two major religions of Islam and Christianity, have been living in peace with one another since time immemorial as there was no single case of religious uprising in the area. ope and confidence in the minds of members of the community.