4 – Rev. Kurt Kawohl

In Letters of Support by Noora Chahine

Who/what is God/Allah? Is he/she/it responsible for our mess?

If all the events that occurred as written in the Qur’an, Bible, and Torah now, today, would humanity be as gullible now and accept all miracles and God as portrayed then? If the context entails incorrect exegeses and the vast tradition of hermeneutics and the translation is illogical, it is illogical whether it is by my interpretation or by any logic.

Mankind has progressed past a need for an Allah who desires and requires servitude. We can eliminate servitude and still have a closeness and love of Allah. It was man who placed restrictions on himself for the good of mankind and attributed this to Allah. Most of us now live in a lawful society. Now laws are proposed and enforced by governments. Allah does not, and never has meddled in our affairs.

If we take rationality completely out of context when establishing an association with present day problems between Jews, Christians and Muslims, we can come up with numerous solutions. Reality however dictates that if there were no distinctions between Muslims, Jews, and Christians, strife would be nonexistent. The major distinction is religion

The best weapon against irrationality is logic. If logic is implemented in religion, eventually the inference of reasoning has to predominate. A fear of the fundamentalists’ wrath against those who do not share their views has even stifled the desire for the truth. Can the real truth be revealed? Will this end strife? We will never know unless we try.

A fanatic passion to please God has been demonstrated throughout the Ages. We have seen vast destruction and useless killings by religious zealots that have followed us into the present century whereby even technology is unable to quell its tide. Muslims have been led to believe that they must expand Islam in order to please Allah.

Even a single unnecessary death is regrettable. Often the families of the deceased grieve and then strike back or attempt to kill the perpetrator in anger. The battle escalates. God/Allah is called upon to help each side in the strife. People justify their dying for God’s cause and believe that they will be rewarded in heaven. God wants all fighting to stop and to realize that those souls who have not set up lines of communication with the spirit of God during their host’s physical existence, have died, lost forever. Their families souls will not be reunited and continue in the presence of God.

We must again look behind the scenes of the effects of a religious government. A religious government would again oppress the masses. God does not now and never has needed or requested any sort of dominance over mankind or slavery. In this 21st Century, the Age of Technology, we are still plagued by religious beliefs that may be a contributing cause of terrorism, killings and wars between nations. Belief in a God who causes catastrophes, punishes people and who created the universe out of nothing as if by magic was brought about by hysteria and superstition. This thought process needs to be reassessed and brought up to date. Open-minded people must use common sense to determine whether this God was incorrectly perceived, misinterpreted and misunderstood by the masses of a bygone era.

Perception plays a major role in religions. There are numerous interpretations of the Scriptures, hence there are various sects who use the same source, the Bible or the Qur’an, but come to different conclusions. Religious differences are acceptable by the majority as long as fanaticism does not cause physical confrontations. The ironic fact is that the followers of these religions all claim to live by the Word of God. Many claim that God has personally talked to their messengers who have relayed these Words of God to others. Apparently the Words of God were either misinterpreted, God is contradicting himself, or we start all over again by each side claiming to live by and having heard the Word of God correctly. When establishing an association with the present day problems between Jews, Christians and Muslims, we can come up with numerous answers, however if there were no distinctions between Muslims, Jews, and Christians, strife would be nonexistent. The major distinction is religion. Muslims have been led to believe that they must expand Islam by any means at their disposal in order to please Allah/God. In many regions occupied by Muslims, conflicts have arisen with their neighbors. If Jews, Christians and Muslims would ever come to the realization that their God is the same logical deity, rationality would dictate peace and eliminate borders.

When peoples’ concept of God is flawed, corrections, truth, logic and common sense thereof must eventually prevail. Human fallibility and misconceptions have labeled God for past millennia as one who interferes with the natural forces and free will of people by threatening punishment to those who disobey his bidding. The God of our ancestors had to be humanized in order to have the masses adapt the thought processes to that time period. God does not change with the times but our perception of who God is should change as societies eliminate their superstitious beliefs. God, the Ultimate Spirit consists of Supreme Purity, Pure Intelligence, Pure Logic, etc., is not encumbered by human attributes and has no needs, or a desire to be worshiped, prayed to, exalted, venerated, deified, or anything else that we have to offer.

Human characteristics are to exercise upon others: power, control, dominance, destruction, punishment, revenge, and judgment. Everyone is individually and personally totally responsible for his own soul’s destiny. The destruction of civilizations, most sufferings and premature deaths are due to human frailties, stupidity or imperfections and are not God’s doings. God exists in a spiritual realm and never has and never will interfere with anything on earth or in the universe. God is interested in and is involved in humanity, but does not interfere in any way in our physical lives. God guides the development of the universe and everything thereon like a Master Planner. Our relationship and interaction of our spirit with the Spirit of God is for our, not God’s benefit.