79 – Professor Dr Omar Jah

In Letters of Support by Noora Chahine

I would like to thank and commend His Majesty King Abdallah II’s bold initiative to mobilise members of the United Nations World Assembly to pass a resolution in support of mutual respect, understanding and peace amongst people of the world.

I consider such an initiative as the most positive and powerful means of bringing people of different faiths, ethnicity and political conviction to commit themselves in promoting the culture of peace, harmony and understanding amongst nations; regardless of their different theological and cultural differences.

This resolution has been convincingly approved by the General Assembly thanks to HRH Prince Ghazi’s effective introduction of the resolution and persuasive argument in support of the resolution.

I strongly support the constructive initiative of establishing World Interfaith Harmony Week and would do all that I can to ensure this initiative is successful.

Best Wishes
Professor Dr Omar Jah
Professor of Islamic Thought and Civilization
President of Sheikh Abdullah Jah Charitable Foundation (SAJCF), The Gambia

Gambia, The

Sheikh Abdallah Jah Charitable Foundation (SAJCF)

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