13 – Dr. Eng. Sameer Abdul Karim Ayyoub

In Letters of Support by Noora Chahine

In the era of globalization, multicultural societies ( multiculturalism), pluralism of ideas, the diversity of ”points of view” there is a necessity and a challenge to all intellectuals, politicians and societies elites; especially to the leaders of our contemporary world, which they should not avoid or ignore. Therefore, the response of the authorities and decision makers (on a global phenomenon) should be the formulation of a comprehensive strategy for all areas of our daily life and the creation of legal regulations and social programs, especially education sphere, among the younger generations to learn them proper systems of values of tolerance, understanding, respect other people’s religions, faiths and national identity and authorities, especially those residing in the same geographical region, beside skills of cooperation and compromise.

They should make their best for God’s sake and human beings’ good, we can not live without a spirit of dialogue. Dialogue, whose roots are deeply embedded in our religious traditions, and its area is a fundamental human values in their religions as well as secular activities for economic development, education in the spirit of tolerance and friendship, fostering pro-social attitudes, respect the law and social justice, fight psychosocial anomalies and many others.

Best Regards,

Dr. Eng. Sameer Abdul Karim Ayyoub

Mobile: + 48 604 340 173
Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering. & Management Science
Polish – Czech College of Business and Sports
”College Glacense” in Nowa Ruda