77 – Dr.Said Kyamilev

In Letters of Support by Staff


Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah be upon you,

Your speech was heart warming to all of us, when you addressed the United Nations General Assembly with resolution number 65 regarding the initiative of launching the “World Interfaith and Harmony Week”; an initiative launched by His Majesty King Abdullah II, May Allah protect him, before the General Assembly, expressing the aspirations of the Muslims and their ambitions emanating from the great Quranic call to all nations and tribes so ye may know each other on the grounds of righteousness, piety and love of the neighbor.

I have carefully read the text of the resolution and your speech to the United Nations, which you profoundly and convincingly clarified the motivation of this Royal Hashemite Initiative. I have also raised a detailed report to the Shura Council of Russian Muftis which resulted in them holding a special meeting where the council came to the conclusion of making the “World Interfaith and Harmony Week” at the beginning of next February.

Furthermore, the council sent out letters to the heads of religious denominations in Russia, encouraging them to support this historical initiative and join through their active participation in the World Interfaith and Harmony Week. The council also suggested that they hold a general preliminary meeting for the purpose of discussing and drafting a mutual coordinated plan organizing the events of the special week in Russia, and maybe to include the adjacent independent Common Wealth states (States in the former Soviet Union).

In preparation for the meeting and preparing the Russian general public’s opinion to endorse the idea of “The Interfaith and Harmony Week”, we posted detailed information about it on renowned Russian websites which shall be translated into English very soon.

Finally, while I am about to travel to Rabat (From the 7th to the 12th of November), to participate in the 11th session of the Supreme Council of Education, Science and Culture of the ISESCO, allow me to renew our appreciation to your highness on your outstanding and constructive initiative for the sake of preventing the misuse of religion, an issues that could be the cause of conflict around the world, noting that “the cure for the dilemma is within the religions of the world”, just as you had mentioned in the speech given at the United Nations.

We shall remain in touch and update you with our news and developments with regards to the coming World Interfaith and Harmony Week, God Willingly.


Institute of Islamic Civilization

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