64 – Mary Whitmore

In Letters of Support by Staff

Dear Friend,
Peace be with you.

The core of the three main religions of the world, is love of neighbour, which can only come to be through the workings of the spirit of God. The battle everyone of us must participate in, is not the power of one religion against another, (as the core of monatheism is to uphold the commandments of God), but to conquer are own inner weaknesses and failings, that is the war waged within ourselves, against satan and his whispers of temptation. We have to overcome, where Adam failed. Only when we pray for our enemies (heaven and hell are forever) and plead with the holy spirit to aid us in our daily fight, can we see the change within ourselves, as our eyes are opened in the revelation of God, which is one of truth in the scriptures of the prophets, and the holy gospels. Then the vail of the tabernacle, the holy of holies and the Kaaba will lift, and behold a light mirrored as a reflection of Gods will shines forth, and we become the living temple of his spirit. “Behold, the kingdom of God is within you”.

God Bless you,