48 – Sheikh Dr. Shaheed Satardien

In Letters of Support by Staff

Dear Esteemed Prince Ghazi

Your Royal Highness,
Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu. Jumu’ah Mubaarakah to you and your noble and blessed

Alf Alf Mabrook and may Allaah SWT in his infinte mercy
and wisdom bless and reward you, His Majesty King Abdullah,
HRH Prince Talal and the nation of the Kingdom of Jordan very
richly for the great and sterling work that you are doing on behalf
of the ummah of Muhammad bin Abdillaah peace be upon him and
the nations of the world at large.

This is a watershed event and will be documented in the pages
of history in the making and we heartily thank you and your royal
family for your much appreciated and outstanding efforts.You, Prince
Talal and King Abdullah are lauded and we pray that Allaah SWT
reward you in this world and the hereafter and also the late King
Hussain with the highest of abodes in Jannah.

On behalf of all the organizations that I lead including the Interfaith
Roundtable, the Intercultural Peace Centre and the International
School of Applied Peace Studies, we hereby pledge our full support
to this noble initiative. Our Annual Inter-religious Peace Conference
will now be held during the Interfaith Harmony Week instead of the
month of June and we will celebrate the whole week inshaa Allaah.

I will send out this email to all the more than five hundred addresses
on my list by the grace of the almighty Allaah.

Best regards and we thank you again.

Yours sincerely,
Sheikh Shaheed Satardien

الفقير الي رحمة من الله عز و جل
الاستاذ الدكتور الشيخ شهيد ستارالدين

The servant in need of the mercy of Allaah (God)
Sheikh (Prof/Dr) Shaheed Satardien

  • * Secretary General of the International Islamic
    Leadership Justice and Peace Conference (IIL-JPC)
  • * Chairman of the European Muslim Council for Justice,
    Peace and Equality (EMC-JPE)
  • * President of the Muslim Council of Ireland (MCI)
  • * Director of the Intercultural Peace Centre (IPC)
  • * Co-ordinator of the Interfaith Roundtable (IFRT)
  • * Director of the Ideal Business College (IBC)
  • * Director of the Academy of Western and Islamic
    Cultural Studies (AWICS)


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