37 – EJ San Miguel

In Letters of Support by Noora Chahine

In the Name of God
Dear Ghazi,
Peace be to you and to Jordan.
I am of the conviction that the world needs the work we must set out to do together as nations and as individuals.
We are at a crossroads in time. Those religious wars that was such a perplexing feature of the last age shall persist into the new age if we do not act decisively. The challenges of this new age of information require us to act responsibly to banish all those old misconceptions and prejudices and combat the ignorance that have for so long fed into the darkness and the confusion that have imprisoned the preceding age in vicious cycles of needless violence.
There is a responsibility that certainly exists to make sure that religious peace prevail in this new age. And in this hope, I am very much with you.
In my own nation of the Philippines, this peace is the key to our moving forward into the morning that awaits all who are as one whole sky guided by the Light of the LORD, our God Who is, the one God of our Father Abraham.
Thank you so much. Thank you so much for your nation’s initiative. I am with you.
EJ San Miguel


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