35 – Joshua Jordan

In Letters of Support by Noora Chahine

Thanks to the generosity of H.R.H Prince Ghazi, i was privileged enough to spend a week at Jesus’ baptism site on the banks of the river Jordan last march. Archeologically it was clearly fascinating, but altogether more touching was what it represented; a point of meeting. On the face of it one might assume it to be a fault line – a predominantly christian site sandwiched between Jews in Israel and Muslims in Jordan – but the truth happens to be the opposite. The site clearly has significance for all three of these religions, and rather than provoking difference, it emphasises what religions have in common which, unsurprisingly, is a great deal.

Sadly, such pockets of Harmony are few and far between, but if it can be achieved in a former minefield by the River Jordan, then why not elsewhere?

I hope World Interfaith Harmony Week will go someway to giving us a glimpse of this answer.

Josh Jordan, Student

Oxford, UK

United Kingdom