117 – Cynthia Lesh

In Letters of Support by Noora Chahine

My Dear King Abdullah,
I wish to thank you for trying to unite the world under one thought…to love and respect your neighbor. I have had the opertunity to visit many countries in the last few years from Japan to Egypt from South America to Poland and many countries in between and have found a universal thought, love God and treat your neighbors like your brother. When one really tries to look at other religions with an open mind you will find that they are all the same in essances, like they say, ONLY THE NAME has changed Allah, Mohamed, Jesus, Yajoba and many others but is this not the same God. Are we not all human? I have found that we are and inorder to houner all,when I visit a new country I try to follow the teachings of that country while I am there and to being home an image or writting to remind me of that fact. I really do hope that we can someday put the hate behind us and learn to live as one.


Gastronomia Molecular S.A.

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