Youths/schools peace campaign tour

In Nigeria by

with the understanding that the youths are the most vulnerable in religious crisis, this program is design to sensitive the youths towards religious tolerance and respect for each others religion as we promote love and peaceful co-existence.

From 10:07pm

At Federal Cooperative college, Gonin Gora by Abuja junction, Abuja road, kaduna.

No.1 kigo road by constitution road, Kaduna Nigeria

190 peace mediators foundation/ Interfaith Mediation centre / 08131975584

With the understanding that we are created to live for each, Christianity and Islam must be seen, viewed and valued as brothers that must live together in one community with all sense of freedom and love for each without desparity. This is why we decide to organise this peace campaign for our youths especially in an avenue where youths of both faith are found for educational and business purpose. its our community and so its our peace.

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