World-Views in Dialogue

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Meditative walk on parkland, between 8 groves representing world religions, dialogue

From 10:00am until 4:30am

At Evera Park

14 Forest Street Trentham Victoria 3458 Australia

Evera Foundation Inc. Trentham Vic Australia / +61+3+54241702

Seven groves on parkland bordering on a forest, each grove dedicated to a world religion: Hinduism through to Islam and Christianity, each at one point of a seven-pointed star, ca 70 meters apart: all together a walk from a point outside the 'star', dedicated to Aboriginal/Indigenous spiritual cultures to the centre of the star, about half a mile, with stops at each site, taking on the whole ca one and half hour. Shared lunch and conversation. Occasional walks happen in the course of the year, but the first seven days of February have a special emphasis. Interfaith groups and individuals participate and after the guided walk, individuals return sometimes to make the walk on their own. Hand-outs with relevant texts are available. The project focuses on the need and potential of renewal in all religions and spiritual cultures and offers a bridge between 'lay'people and scholars. This year the project has a flow-on into March, on the 4th a community bus trip from Trentham to Brimbank/Marybyrniong Interfaith Network, Melbourne, to visit Mosque, Sikh Temple and Buddhist Temple and on the 18th a return visit to Trentham, a Catholic Church and the 'Evera World-Views in Dialogue' walk. For more details see: under activities and articles.

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