World-Views in Dialogue (7731)

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Meditative Walk along 11 Religious/Spiritual sites and conversation

From 10:00am until 4:30am

At Evera Park

14 Forest Street Trentham Victoria 3458 Australia

Evera Foundation Inc. / +61+3+54241702

Meditative walk on parkland bordering on the Wombat Forest, Trentham: an imaginary journey between religious and secular sacred sites, clusters of trees, each with a table and symbol to identify the particular world-view/religion on a 13 acre property. The walk is ca half a mile and takes ca 2 hours. Common theme: world-views as the source for renewal of the Golden Rule, and its application in the public domain. After the walk a shared lunch, followed by an interfaith conversation...This will be the 6th year that this event is taking place, each day, because of the difficulty to organize a single day for everyone... A hand-out with texts from the different world-views/religions will be available...

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