World Interfaith Harmony Week Youth Forum (1279)

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Davao Peace Council (headed by SGI Philippines, Brahma Kumaris, Global Impact, !0th ID CMO Phil Army, Al Qalam and YMCA) organized the very first World Interfaith Harmony Week Youth Forum, with an objective to expose, mentor and promote the youth of the new generation to exercise, understanding, compassion, tolerance and acceptance of the different faith and work together to achieve peace in the land.

From 2:00pm until 6:00pm

At SGI Philippines Davao Culture Center

#88 Tahimik Avenue. Corner Amolo St. Matina, Davao City Philippines, 8000

Soka Gakkai International of The Philippines Southern Mindanao, YMCA, Al Qalam, Global Impact, 10th ID CMO Phil Army, Brahma Kumaris & Soroptimist Davao / +6382-297-2559

Soka Gakkai International-Republic of the Philippines (SGI-RP) – Southern Mndanao, is a Lay Buddhist Organization, has established its HIG SCHOOL & STUDENT DIVISION whose members consist of young men and women attending school at High School and at the college or university level respectively. The goal of this group is for each student to develop a solid foundation in faith toward winning in their studies and achieving their dreams. In line with this, SGI’s Student Division members also aims to be a source of inspiration for other students regardless of their belief system by way of contributing value creation activities such as community services, academic excellence, sportsmanship, camaraderie, arts, and peace movements. This coming February 1-7, 2016, As an active memberr of the Davao Peace Council, Spear headed by SGI , together with Global Impact, YMCA, Brahma Kumaris, Al Qalam, 10th ID CMO Phil. Army, and Sororptomist, will be commemorating the UN’s World Interfaith Harmony Week, we would be honored to have you and your organization members/students as one of our guest audiences in the World Interfaith Harmony Forum. This event wishes to create awareness throughout the different schools and universities in Davao City particularly Junior and Senior High School Students to participate in the forum where we will invite religious leaders from the Christian, Muslim, Indigenous People and Buddhist Community to discuss not the differences of their respective faiths but to focus on the similarities especially in overcoming struggles in life, value creations, achieving goals, helping out the community and achieving world peace. We aim to create a venue for an inter-school organization platform to have an open dialogue on the diverse views regarding the unity of different faiths towards life victories and how all people can work together for a better and peaceful future. In addition, the event also aims to open the opportunity for the participating Students to work together for other value creating projects in the future. The said event will be held in SGI Davao Culture Center, Tahimik Avenue corner Amolo Street, Davao City on February 7, 2017, at 2pm. Speakers representing different faith will be given time to briefly introduce their faith followed by a dialogue between the speakers and the Student Audience that will tackle not the differences of each faith but the similarities on how to deal with daily life struggles, community service and peace.

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