World Interfaith Harmony Week is an annual event to be observed during the first week of February, starting in 2011. World Interfaith Harmony Week was first proposed at the UN General Assembly on September 23, 2010 by H.M. King Abdullah II and Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad of Jordan. In the resolution, the General Assembly, points out that mutual understanding and inter-religious dialogue constitute important dimensions of a culture of peace and establishes World Interfaith Harmony Week as a way to promote harmony between all people regardless of their faith. The World Interfaith Harmony Week is based on the pioneering work of The Common Word initiative. The World Interfaith Harmony extends the Two Commandments by adding 'Love of the Good, and Love of the Neighbor'. This formula includes all people of goodwill. It includes those of other faiths, and those with no faith. The World Interfaith Harmony Week provides a platform- one week in a year- when all interfaith groups and other groups of goodwill can show the world what a powerful movement they are. This week will allow for these groups to become aware of each other and strengthen the movement by building ties and avoiding duplicating each other

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