World Interfaith Harmony Week 2018: Religions for Peace (Victoria Branch)

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UN World Interfaith Harmony Lecture 2018 | Appraising the Royal Commission Report into Sexual Abuse and Religious Organizations

From 5:30 pm until 7:30 pm

At Laby Theatre (L108), Physics Building, Melbourne University

The University of Melbourne Chaplaincy and Religions for Peace Victoria / [email protected]

Speaker: Emeritus Professor Desmond Cahill OAM Emeritus Professor Desmond Cahill OAM B.A., S.T.L., M.Ed., Ph.D, F.A.C.E.L.
Consultant to the Royal Commission on Sexual Abuse and Religious Organisations 2015-2017
Chair: Religions for Peace Australia

More about the Speaker: Educated in Australia and Italy, Desmond Cahill, Professor of Intercultural Studies at RMIT University, is one of Australia's leading social researchers. In 2006, he was made an honorary fellow of the Australian Council of Educational Leaders for his work in immigrant, cross-cultural, interfaith and international education. He currently chairs the Religions for Peace (Australia), and represents Australia on the Asian Conference of Religion and Peace (ACRP). He led Melbourne's successful bid to stage the 2009 Parliament of the World's Religions, the world's largest interfaith gathering, and is now its Melbourne Program Director. A member of the Australian Partnership of Religious Organizations (APRO) and of the Victoria Police Multifaith Advisory Council, he is a Club Melbourne Ambassador as part of the “Think Melbourne, Think Victoria” strategy of the Victorian Government.

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