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in a Mosqu in Islamabad, in Univesiry IUB, in FC College Lahore, iat Roze TV Channel Pakistan and Middle East, in a Church and in a Munder and lastly in Community Centre Baha`I Hall IBD. ---- I HOPE THAT THESE PROGRAMS will bring awareness among the followers of various religious and communities living in Pakistan and provide them with seance of love security and confidence as the will be able to gather together , sit together and eat together during celebration of WIHW and it may replace religous hatred with love Thank you. On Monday 1st February we commence celebration of WIHW at 4:30 am at Fajar Prayer Time at Jame Mosque Mai Saleem Akhtar New Sohan Islamabad with the Dars -e -Quran on Verse # 3/64, Ulema Imams and Khateebs of area have been invited to share this event the rest of the day we will organize book name ly Meelad- e-Mustafa and Masieh by our Laptop at MISC Office at night we will travel to Bahawalnager a some 600 mile from Islamabad where On Tuesday 2nd February2-5 will be Seminar on Common Word other time will be spent on compiling Book as all necessary books resource will be with us in our car, , at night we travel by car to Lahore some 200 miles from Bahawalnagar, we will stay night at Lahore , next morning on Wednesday3rd February afternoon there will be interfaith Harmony Conference at F C College Univesity Lahore rest of time again will be dedicated on typing the material and proof reading, On Thursday 4th February we will be bake home in Islamabad and there will be recording of my Program Roze Roshan for Roze TV, on the subject of WIHW history and progress since 2011- up to date , while other time for the Book, on Friday Morning 5th Februarywe will proceed to BHagwari Tehsil in in Murree area on Border of Kashmir where I deliver Sermon on WIHW aims and objectives at town`s Central Jame Mosque, at evening we will be back home again engage in writing and typing with our team helper including my wife and children, on Saturday 6th February visits to Hindu Mandar having Breakfast with them on Sunday 7th February there will be program In Baha`I Hall at 6-9p of collective prayers from all religions. Thank you.

Islamabad Pakistan

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