WIHW [email protected] Intercultural Event

In Canada by


Because CAI is about creating meeting spaces, we provide moments to share and discover with others.

From 7:00pm until 9:00pm

At Carrefour d'Action Interculturelle

14, rue Dauphine, Quebec City (Quebec) G1R 3W8

Carrefour d'Action Interculturelle (C.A.I.) Center for Intercultural Action / (418) 694-0601

The Center for Intercultural Action (C.A.I. in French) is an organization that supports new (and not so new) arrivals into Quebec, Canada. Our mission is to facilitate the integration of immigrants, while raising awareness of cultural diversity. As the fight against prejudice and openness to others are our guiding ideas, we organize various themed activities to raise awareness of immigration, cultural diversity and the need to live together. It is open to all, regardless of age, gender, origin, religion or status. Everyone is welcome!

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