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The Charter will present three separate offerings: a Interfaith Tea in its home community, and two radio-style calls. Description for all events: "We’ve come a long way to be together, you and I” is the theme for this year's Charter for Compassion’s contribution to the World Interfaith Harmony Week. Our two-part program will delve deeply into the real purpose of “Interfaith” and explore how its concept should be a guiding light into the harmony that is possible through interfaith practice which is the true foundation of living in a more peaceful and just world. Getting to know the other as the Jewish philosopher, Martin Buber implied, is the ability to look at another from a different perspective, not leaving our own perspective behind, but broadening our understanding of the other—totally recognizing our willingness to accept an “I” and “Thou” relationship that is not separated by culture or faith or other bounds. This relationship conceivably leads us to the threshold of realizing the Eternal “Thou.”

From 7:00am until 4:00pm

Charter for Compassion / 206-842-9956

The Charter will be sponsoring an interfaith tea at Huney Hall on Friday, February 2, 2018 starting at 1 pm. This event will consist of interfaith readings presented by the Waterfront Park Readers Theatre, musical interlude by the Evergreen Singers and special remarks by interfaith leaders from Bainbridge Island, WA--the official home of the Charter for Compassion. The Charter for Compassion will also sponsor two radio-style Interfaith webinars for our global audience. Each will begin at 7 am Pacific Time on February 6 and 8 - Registration for the webinars has been promoted through our newsletter audience which consists of 175,000 members.

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