WEBINAR: The Next Act: Interfaith Comittments to Climate Justice (4985)

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Internatuionally Broadcast Webinar on interfaith action for the earth and climate change -panel discussion on the state of interfaith climate change advocacy in some of the world's major religions! Speakers will share over livestream video how the Parliament is working to advance the climate commitments of our constituents and as adopted in the Parliament's guiding visionary documents. An interactive forum will also be held for participants to exchange thoughts and questions with the panel on ways to put concern for sustainability into action. Help empower the global interfaith community to protect our neighbors and engage guiding institutions for climate justice! featuring: David Hales - Chair of Climate Action Task Force; Dr. Cheryl Bridges John - Minister/Professsor; Michael Terrien Oblate St. Benedict; Imam Saffet A. Catovic - Chair Green Muslims of New Jersey

From 3:00pm until 4:00pm

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Climate Action Task Force of Parliament of World Religions / 908-874-8534

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