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We are inviting everyone for a week-long campaign (Feb. 1-7) to watch a multi-award winning film “Between Allah & Me (and Everyone Else)”, a one-hour documentary about hijab and Muslim women in Canada. The film has won 4 awards, 2 award nominations, and more festival selections internationally and has been endorsed by both Muslim and non-Muslim educators and communities for its balanced approach and story telling, and was  “highly recommended” by Educational Media Review Online. It is an engaging, candid, informative and quite entertaining film with deep emotions and humour.   To take advantage of this Watch Free Week campaign, simply go to the website, during the week.   Here is a short synopsis, and a lot more information will be found at the website. SYNOPSIS: No dress code inspires more debate than that of Muslim women. The film explores the challenges of four practicing Muslim women in Toronto making decisions about their personal dress codes. When they decide to start or stop wearing hijab, they interact with different members of society who have different opinions and ideas about the hijab. Capturing both deep emotions and humour, the film unveils how the hijab carries many diverse meanings and messages that may surprise non-Muslims, and also reveals the intricate and complex effects of hijab on Muslim women, their families and communities, and the larger multicultural society in the West. Please feel free to distribute this mail to your friends and colleges.

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