Together We are Sustainable (5947)

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In this period of time there will be mainly three events.

From 12:00 am, 1Februari until 7:00 am 11 Februari

At School, Church, Mandir

Loosduinseweg 251, den Haag.

IBS, Interreligious Counsel Segbroek / 070-3624009

1 February morning thee ceremony, primary interreligious neighborhood school with parents, teachers and neighbors.
4 February in the catholic church across the street is a meeting with youths, age 14-30 years, from Christian, Hindu and Muslim background, theme Love of God, Love of the neighbor and Love of the good.
11 February three participants will present a short talk, or PowerPoint presentation, on sustainability within there spiritual tradition, backed up with reverences from there scripture. A forth participant will do the same from secular point of view. A short panel discussion and Q&A will take place between visitors and panel. The whole event will close with a biological durable vegetarian meal for all.

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