The Silent Holy Stones film for interfaith dialogue between China and the rest of the world (7723)

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according to Tibetan custum, a man should send his most intelligent son to the temple to study Buddhism. these boys only get one precious holiday each year-New Year, when they can go back home, over three days, a little lama who is still a boy, travels from the temple to his home village and back attracted by television programs, but yet not used to many aspects of life that do not conform with Buddhist teachings. the little lama feels intrigued and puzzled by the contrast between secular and religious life, the real and mythological worlds, and native as well as introduced cultures.,

From 12:00am until 1:30am

At Rome International Peace School

in the suburg of Rome-Sant\\\'Egidio School

CICE China International Cultural Exchange on the New Silk Road / 0039067183150

Beijing Himalaia Audio & Visual Culture Communication presented Dampei Lama boy into Monastery School promotion by CICE for External Cultural Relations, Ministry of Culture, P.R. China for Peace-Education duration of film 100 minutes

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