Textual Studies with a Twist! (5)

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From 5:00 pm until 6:30 pm

At Toronto School of Theology, 47 Queen's Park Circle

Toronto School of Theology and Multi-Faith Centre University of Toronto / [email protected]

Reading Abrahamic Scriptures Together is open to all University of Toronto students with an interest in studying Jewish, Christian and Muslim scriptures. Students from all religious and academic backgrounds are welcome to participate in a close reading of scripture that opens new conversations and discovers interesting relationships across the three faiths. 

The key to scriptural reasoning is friendship rather than consensus and wouldn’t that be a great thing to do over pizza?! 

Please register at: [email protected] with your student number or drop-in any time to learn together and meet a new friend.

Benjamin Lujan is completing a Ph.D. in Theological Studies at St. Michael’s College investigating inter-religious bases to practice interfaith political solidarity with Indigenous peoples in Canada. He participates in the Canadian Interfaith Conversation (the largest roundtable of faith communities and faith-related organizations in Canada) and teaches in a liberal arts program at Seneca College. He enjoys salsa-dancing and table tennis.

Esther Reiser is a pursuing her PhD studying Comparative Theology at Emmanuel College. Her interests include Ethics, Natural Law traditions and Universal Salvation in Islam and Christianity. Esther enjoys craft, cooking and listening to music. 

David is one of the organizers of Jewish religious services at Kensington Gardens on behalf of First Narayever Synagogue. He has edited and written prayer books for the High Holy Day services for that institution. He also has given classes on Jewish science fiction and fantasy for Tikkun Leil Shevuoth.

Open to University of Toronto students only.

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