Sikh Kirtan (Songs of Praise to God) and Langar (Communal Meal)

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From 11:00am until 1:30pm

At The Maritime Sikh Society, 10 Parkhill Road, off Purcell’s Cove Rd, near Dingle Park, in the Jollimore area

Interfaith Harmony Halifax

Enter the prayer hall with bare feet and covered head. Please bring your own headscarf. Shoes and coats are left in the safe coatroom downstairs. In the prayer hall, everybody sits on the floor; some chairs are provided. Langar (communal food) is served to all those who attend the service. Food is vegetarian and prepared fresh in the morning. Langar is an important part of the Sunday service. It provides social time and sense of sharing and seva. All sit on the floor for Langar.

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