“Role of the religions in peace keeping”

In Belarus by


Series of events for interfaith harmony supporting

From 1.00 pm until 6.30 pm

At Minsk

Storozevskaya street , 5

Belorussian Fund of Peace / +37529668687

1.02- radio discussion about the role of neighbors help and communications inside of different confessions 6.02.-confession leaders, state bodies, NGO representatives, Red Cross, etc, delegates all over the Belarus cities will come to Polotosk University to participate in the serie of peace keeping events. First is the conference "Role of the religions in peace keeping", Second: joint visit of the memorial where are around 40000 humans remains, different confessions are buried. Third event: joint Polotsk monastery (1046 years old) visit, interfaith leaders lunch and discussions Forth event: resolution on interfaith harmony signing.

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